Contoh Soal Tes CPNS Bahasa Inggris 2

01. The company’s new product was       advertised on TV.
  A. Nation
  B. National
  C. Nationally
  D. Nationalize
    JAWAB: C
02. The original     manuscript to the play is on display in the museum.
  A. Written by hand
  B. Writing hand
  C. Hand written
  D. Hand writing
    JAWAB: D
03. The thief denied … the jewelry although the police forced him it admit it.
  A. Steal
  B. Stealing
  C. To steal
  D. In stealing
    JAWAB: B
04. His shop was burnt down ,      his car that was parked nearby.
  A. And either did
  B. Also was
  C. But neither was
  D. And so was
    JAWAB: D
05. ‘Who won the ford foundation scholarship?’. The high school student …. The city council had
chosen as the beat student’.
  A. he who
  B. Whose
  C. Whom
  D. Which
    JAWAB: C
06. My brother needs two …. To help him run the store.
  A. Mechanics
  B. Carpenters
  C. Instructors
  D. Assistants
    JAWAB: D
07 ……….is not yet know
  A. can he be involved in the trade of narcotics
  B. he is involved in the trade of narcotics
  C. whether he is involved in the trade of narcotics
  D. when he is involved in the trade of narcotics
    JAWAB: C
08. If he hadn’t been promoted, he’d have quit his job. The underline words mean….
  A. He kept his job
  B. He would like to keep the job
  C. He had to quit his job
  D. He lost his job
    JAWAB: A
09. ‘She is one of the ten best dressed women in town. ‘Really….?
  A. does she always dress her self so fashionably
  B. does she dress her self so always so fashionably
  C. does she always so fashionably dress her self
  D. does she so fashionably always dress her self
    JAWAB: A
10. My uncle doesn’t car much …., he can send his children to college.
  A. However
  B. And
  C. Therefore
  D. So
11. Which sentence is correctly punctuated?. He won an international awards for his…
  A. Excellent, interesting, well-written, scientific article
  B. Excellent, interesting, well-written, scientific, article
  C. Excellent interesting, well-written, scientific article
  D. Excellent, interesting, well-written scientific article
    JAWAB: D
12. Different interptretations on the same event by various newspaper..    Readers confused and


  A. To make
  B. They make
  C. Make
  D. It makes
    JAWAB: C
13. You look so unhappy, Anton. What’s the matter?’. ‘My father…. His job.
  A. has just lost
  B. has been losing
  C. Losing
  D. is losing
    JAWAB: A
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