Contoh Soal Tes CPNS Bahasa Inggris 3

01. The work …. Computers requires well trained personnel.
  A. Involved
  B. Involve
  C. to be involve
  D. Involves
    JAWAB: D


02. Did I tell you about the girl … I met during the student demonstration last week?
  A. Who
  B. Whose
  C. Whom
  D. Of which
    JAWAB: C
03. He asked me whether he… my car to go to the party.
  A. can borrow
  B. might borrow
  C. ought to borrow
  D. may borrow
    JAWAB: B
04. We were planning to open anew office in Surabaya………… the economic crisis forced us to

postpone it

  A. And
  B. Or
  C. So
  D. But
    JAWAB: D


05. I am still waiting …. For an interview
  A. To be called
  B. Be called
  C. Be calling
  D. To call
    JAWAB: A
  A planet is a body in space that revolves around a star. There are nine planets in our solar system, and these nine planets travel around the sun. The names of the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Planets travel in orbits around the stars. All of the planets of the solar system revolve in elliptical orbits. In other words, their orbits are like large, flat circles. The time that it takes a planet to make one revolution around the sun is called a year.

The Greeks were the first people to recognize and give names to some of the planets. Tile word planet comes from a Greek word meaning wanderer If a person wanders, this means that he goes from one place to another and does not have a home. The Greeks thought that planets “wandered” in the sky. However, modern scientists can predict the movement of the planets very accurately.

06. What is the suitable title for this text?
  A. The Stars
  B. The Orbits
  C. The Greeks
  D. The Planets
    JAWAB: D
07 The planets in our solar system travel…
  A. Around the stars
  B. Around the circles
  C. In one movement
  D. From one position to another
  E. In elliptical orbits
    JAWAB: E
  There are millions of plants and animals living in the sea. Most of the plants and animals living in the oceans are extremely small and float near the surface of the water in their thousands. They are food for huge numbers of small animals that also live near the surface. Together, they are all known as plankton.

Many fish feed on this plankton, including one of the largest, the whale shark. Despite their great size, certain whales live entirely on plankton.

The blue whale is the largest animal ever to live. It grows to a length of over 100 feet. The humpback whale is a smaller kind and has long flippers. It can jump right out the water. The Californian grey whale makes long migrations every year- it spends the summer feeding in the Arctic but swims south to the warmer waters off the coast of Mexico in the winter. The females give birth in the shallow, warm water there.

Many of the fish in the sea may be eaten by other meat-eaters. Sharks, for example, area some of the fastest hunters, although not all of them eat other fish.

Deep down in the oceans live many strange fish. It is so dark down there that many of these fish have “light” on them, which are used for attracting smaller fish for the larger ones to eat.

Jellyfish are peculiar-looking creatures ranging in size from a fraction of an inch to 6 feet
across. They don’t really swim but drift in the currents of the open oceans. Although they contain
a powerful sting, they are often eaten by turtles. Turtles are reptiles that spend most of their
eggs on sandy beaches.

08. ……..are food for huge numbers of small animals that also live near the surface.
  A. Very small plants and animals
  B. Big animals
  C. The oceans mammals
  D. Big plants
  E. Big plants
    JAWAB: A
09. Paragraph three tells us about
  A. the life of whales
  B. the size of whales
  C. the movement of whales
  D. Three kinds of whales
  E. the migration of whales
    JAWAB: D
10. The main information of the passage is that
  A. Most plants are food for animals
  B. the colour of the largest whales is blue
  C. the female whales give birth in the shallow and warm water
  D. the great size fish also eat plankton
  E. millions of plants and animals live in the sea
    JAWAB: E


11. Which statement is True according to the text?
  A. The turtles eat jellyfish
  B. The turtles lay their eggs in the seabed
  C. The sharks possess a powerful sting
  D. The Californian grey whales immigrate to the Arctic in winter.
  E. The humpback whale is the largest animal in the sea
    JAWAB: A
12. The word “despite” in paragraph two could be replaced by
  A. Therefore
  B. Referring to
  C. In spite of
  D. Except
  E. Instead of
    JAWAB: C
13. I … go to school now.
  A. am going to
  B. will to
  C. Would
  D. may to
  E. Might
    JAWAB: A
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